Porn actor Steven Driver (Steven Clancy Hill) Falls To Death Surrounded By SWAT after killing a co-worker with a sword.

StevenDriverA porn actor who was sought for a deadly attack in Los Angeles, fell to his death this weekend after being surrounded by SWAT team members. Steven Clancy Hill (aka: Steven Driver) was surrounded by police in Chatsworth and was sitting on the edge of the cliff. He was scooting on his bottom and then suddenly tumbled down the hill. Hill attacked a colleague, Herbert Hin Wong (aka:Tom Dong) with a sword that was used as a film prop during a porn star party at Ultima's studios about a week after being told he was being fired from his porn acting job and that he would have to move out of the porn studios, where he had been living, authorities said. He then turned on two adult actors others who rushed to Tom Dong's defense. One of those who attempted to help, Herbert Hin Wong, 30, was killed in the attack.

LA media and television stations were following the standoff when Steven Clancy Hill, holding his sword, fell in what seemed to be an apparent suicide. Police stated that Clancy had threatened suicide in the hours up until he was apprehended. He had been charged with murder and attempted murder. The murder charges stem from an attack at a LA porn studio in which it was revealed that Hill, who porn actor name was Steven Driver, was told that he was going to be fired and that he had to move from the production facility where he had been staying. During the scuffle at the studio, Hill attacked Herbert Wong with a prop sword. Wong died in the attack. Steven Driver's porn movies can be seen on Interracial Porn websites such as

Steve Driver was employed by the Ultima DVD porn production house and the CEO of the company had offered a $2,000 reward for the arrest of the porn actor. ‘He was bent on killing himself’ stated Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese.

Stephen Clancy Hill was seen on television moving to the edge of the outcropping from a seated position holding the sword and then letting himself drop as police closed in on him. SWAT officers had spent part of Saturday afternoon trying to talk Hill down from the hillside as he clutched a sword. Video recording shows that Hill was first shot near the right shoulder by a policeman, most likely with a non lethal gun. Hill, cornered, went closer to the edge of the cliff. A second shot was fired by another policeman. Then Hill got even closer to the edge, and only then attempted a jump that eventually killed him. The police described the action as a "less than lethal munition."

It was unknown whether the sword was the murder weapon in Tuesday's deadly attack at a DVD production centre that also left two people injured. Hill, 34, fled to the hillside after leaving a house where he was barricaded for most of Saturday. Murder and attempted murder charges had been filed against Hill on Friday after Eric Jover, who runs the Ultima DVD production house, offered a $2,000 reward on the company's website for information leading to his arrest.

Hill, whose professional name is Steve Driver, fled in an SUV with the murder weapon, authorities said. Ultima is located in the San Fernando Valley, known in the adult film industry as Porn Valley for its large number of porn businesses. The small company produces niche films featuring fetishes and sexual domination of men.

Hill was convicted of second-degree assault and a handgun charge in March 1999 in Maryland, according to court records. Hill had previously been arrested and charged with assault with a handgun while a student at the University of Maryland in 1998. The victim in that incident was a teaching assistant named Alvaro Alvarez-Parrilla. On that occasion, he was convicted of 2 lesser charges and sentenced to: 5 years imprisonment with all but 2 suspended,and 5 years probation. This was subsequently amended to 18 months in a work-release program.